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2022 Honda Insight drops LX trim and gets $ 2,080 start price increase

For the 2022 model Honda Has made major changes to InsightLineup. 2022 Insight will only be available on EX and Touring Trims as last year’s LX is gone. This change will increase the price of the 2022 model by $ 2,080.

2022 Insight EX starts at $ 26,205 (including destinations). That’s $ 2,080 more than last year’s LX trim, which started at $ 24,125. This change makes Insight one of the most expensive compact hybrids on the market.The· Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid ($ 24,405), Hyundai Elantra Hybrid ($ 24,555), Toyota Corolla Hybrid ($ 24,595), Toyota prius ($ 25,520), and Kia Niro ($ 25,865) is all more affordable.

Assuming the same functionality, I think the EX trim is worth an extra $ 2,080 over last year’s LX trim. EX adds blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, an 8-inch touch screen, eight audio speakers, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, satellite radio, and a split foldable rear seat. Most of these features are a must for consumers, so it’s surprising that Honda researched and found that EX was the most popular trim and a better starting point than the old LX. There will be no.

To upgrade to 2022 Insight Touring, consumers must pass an additional $ 4,030 to the Base EX Trim and prices start at $ 30,235. In addition to EX, Touring adds leather upholstery, heated front seats, moon roof, Wi-Fi hotspots, 10 audio speakers, navigation, navigation, dual zone weather control, and heated front seats. For most consumers, additional features aren’t worth the upgrade, making EX a more valuable option and option for the vast majority of shoppers.

In addition, the additional features of the touring add weight to the vehicle and make it less efficient than the EX trim. The EX is rated by the EPA for a total of up to 52 mpg, but the Touring Trim can get up to 48 mpg. Paying more and worsening the worse fuel economy will make touring a difficult sale.

Automakers usually don’t provide sales for the entire model lineup, but Insight isn’t a popular hybrid. In 2020, Honda sold 15,932 Insights. Toyota Sold 43,525 Prius hybrids.

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