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2022 Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition Revealed

A few months ago, Ford announcement Return of splash package For 2022 Unit.. The announcement also suggested a limited-run version.Now the company has revealed them in availability and availability details colour scheme.

The first to be released is the Snow Edition, which is exclusively for the Lariat trim level.It is painted in a light gray called avalanche Accent that matches the body color to the grill. The interior is black leather with carbon fiber patterned panels and gray stitching. The Snow Edition will be the most widely available with 750 examples created and will be available this spring.

Following the summer is the Forest Edition. It is based on the XLT trim and is finished in forged green with red grille accents. It has basically the same interior as the Snow Edition, but uses cloth instead of leather. Only 500 Forest Edition examples will be created.

Finally, there is a sand edition in the fall. Another XLT of the same type of interior, but painted in desert sand with red accents. Also, it is limited to 500 units.

Each of these limited editions is sold as a regular package Ford Ranger, And the cost of the package is $ 1,495. And if none of them fits your style perfectly, you can always get a striped package and a regular splash with orange accents for the same package cost. Also, it is not limited to short-term production operation.

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